1) Introduction -

      The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 which extends to the whole of India came into operation on 1st April 1947, It was enacted with the purpose of providing permanent machinery for the settlement of industrial dispute which had become common features due to the industrial unrest in the wake of post-war problems arising out of constant strife between the employers and employees.

2) Main features of the Industrial Disputes Act -

    Main features of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 are as follows -
(1)  The Industrial Disputes Act was passed in 1947 and it came into force from 1st April 1947.

(2) The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 is applicable to the  industries and certain categories of industrial workers

(3)  The Industrial Disputes Act lays down a comprehensive machinery for the prevention and settlement of industrial disputes

(4)  The Industrial Disputes Act embodies both substantive and procedural law aimed at promoting industrial peace and preventing industrial disputes.

(5)  The main object of the Act is to harmonize the relations between employer and employees so as to maintain industrial peace and hence ensure Social Justice.

(6) It empowers the government to make a reference of the dispute to an appropriate authority viz.,  Labour CourtIndustrial Tribunal and National Tribunal depending upon the nature of the dispute besides making a reference by the government on the request of the parties.

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(7)  The Award given by the above authorities bind the parties for a specified period not exceeding 1 year. The award is normally enforced by the government concerned.

(8)  The right to strike by the workers and Lockout by the employers has been subjected to the restrictions as laid down in the Act and such rights are not absolute rights.

(9)  It incorporates inter alia the provisions for the investigation and settlement of Industrial Disputes.

(10)  The act is a piece of legislation calculated to ensure Social justice to both the employers and the employees and advance the progress of the industry by bringing about harmony and cordial relationship between the parties.

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