1) Give correct answer :

A) Void agreements are always illegal.

B) Illegal agreements are always voidable .

C) Illegal agreements are always Void.

D) Voidable contract are always illegal.

Answer : C

2) A contact is :

A) A set of promise forming consideration for each other.

B) An agreement acceptable to both the parties about common thing.

C ) An understanding between the parties about a common thing.

D) An agreement enforceable by law.

Answer : D

3) A  person has the capacity to contract :

A) He is a major and sound mind.

B)  If he can fully understand the nature of his contract .

C) If he is not disqualified from contracting by any law to which he is subject .

D) If he fulfill all the above conditions.

Answer : D

4) A agrees to sell to B 1000 mounds of rice at a price to be fixed by C :

A) Valid

B) Void for uncertainty

C) voidable at the option of B.

D)  Voidable at the option of C.

Answer : A

5) If an infant obtains property or goods by  misrepresenting his  age, he may be compelled to return the same....
This is known as :

A) Redemption

B) Subrogation

C) Restitution

D) Contribution

Answer : C

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