1) Which one of the following is a leading case of minors  contract ?
A) Mohri Bibi  vs Dharmodas Ghosh

B) Satyabrat vs Muganeeram

C) Derry  vs Pick

D) Hadley Vs Baxendale

Answer : A

2) Give give correct response :

A) An agreement acceptable to the parties is a contract.

B) Every agreement for lawful  purpose and not being opposed to public policy is a contract.

C) Every agreement is a contract provided the parties are competent to contract.

D) Every agreement enforceable by law in a court of competent jurisdiction is a contract.

Answer: D

3) Which one of the following essentials of contract has not been incorporated in Indian cost to Contract Act 1872 ?

A) Competency to parties .

B) Lawful object.

C)  Intention to contract.

D) Consideration

Answer : C

4) Which one of the following essentials of contract has not been incorporated in the Indian Contract Act 1872 ?

A) Competency to parties.

B) Lawful object

C) Intention to contract

D) Consideration.

Answer : C

5) Which of the following is not necessary for a contract?

A) Competent parties

B) Lawful Consideration

C) Lawful Object

D) Reasonable terms and  conditions

Answer : D


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