1) Which one of the following Courts decided the case of Mohri bibi vs Dharmodas Ghosh ?

A) Federal Court

B) Privy Council

C) High Court of Allahabad

D) House of Lords .

Answer : B

2 ) A contract entered by a minor is :

A) Void

B) Voidable

C) Valid

D) Lawful .

Answer : A

3) Which one of the essentials of contract does not find place in the Indian Contract Act 1872 ?

A) Competency of parties

B) Real Consideration

C) Intention of contract

D) Lawful object

Answer : C

4) which one of the following is not an essential ingredient of an agreement ?

A) Proposal

B) Accepted

C)  Consideration

D) public policy

Answer : D

5) A contract with or by a minor is a :

A) Valid contract

B) Void contract

C) Voidable contract

D) Voidable contract at the option of either party.

Answer :  B

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