What is Parole -

            Release of prisoners on Parole is a reformative and rehabilitative measure which seeks to protect society and assist the prisoner in readjusting himself to a normal free life in the community. Parole is an individualized method of treatment of offenders who respond favorably to the disciplined life inside the prison.

Prof. Gillin Defines Parole - 

           According to Professor Gillin, Parole is the release from a penal or reformative institution, of an offender who remains under the control of correctional authorities, in an attempt to find out whether he is fit to live in the free society without supervision.

What is Probation - 

        The term Probation is derived from the Latin word, which means to rest or to prove. Probation is a non-institutional therapeutic measure to reform offenders.

Though both Parole and Probation are based on the principle of individualization of treatment of offenders but they differ in many points of view.

Difference between Parole and Probation - 



A conditional release of an offender under supervision is applied to an offender under who has just been released from a custodial sentence then it is known as Parole.

A conditional release of an offender under supervision is applied to an offender before custodial sentence it is known as Probation.


The Parole, came into existence much later than probation, somewhere around 1900.

The system of probation owes its origin in John Augustus of Boston, who tried to convince the judge to commit to his care rather than jail and has been in existence since 1841.


Parole involves an initial committal of an offender to a certain period of sentence and conditional release subsequently after serving a part of the sentence.

Whereas Probation involves no sentence or if imposed, it is not executed.


Parole is considered to be in custody undergoing both punishment and treatment.

On the other hand, Probation is considered as if undergoing treatment.


Parole is essentially quasi-judicial in nature.

Probation is a judicial function


Parole is the last stage of Correctional Scheme.

Probation is the first stage of the correctional scheme.


The prisoner released on parole suffers stigmatization as a convicted criminal in society.

There is no stigma for disqualification attached to the offender who is released on probation.

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