Ordinary Courts and administrative tribunals are adjudicating bodies. Administrative tribunals and Ordinary Courts both deals with the disputes and decide the dispute between the parties. which affects the rights of the subjects. But Administrative Tribunal is not a court. Some notable Differences between a court and Administrative Tribunal are as follows -


Court of Law



A court of law is a part of the traditional judicial system whereby judicial powers are derived from the state.

An Administrative Tribunal is an agency created by the statute and invested with judicial power.


The Civil Courts have judicial power to try all suits of civil nature unless the cognizance is expressly or impliedly barred.

Tribunal is also known as the Quasi-judicial body. Tribunals have the power to try cases of special matter which are conferred on them by statutes


Judges of the ordinary courts of law are independent of the executive in respect of their tenure, terms and conditions of service etc.  Judiciary is independent of Executive

Tenure, terms and conditions of services of the members of Administrative Tribunal are entirely in the hands of Executive for example government.


The presiding officer of the court of law is trained in law.

The president or a member of Tribunal may not be trained as well as in law.  He may be expert in the field of Administrative matters.


A judge of a court of law must be impartial who is not interested in the matter directly or indirectly.

An Administrative Tribunal may be a party to the dispute to be decided by it.


A court of law is bound by all the rules of evidence and procedure.

An Administrative Tribunal is not bound by rules but bound by the principles of nature of Justice.


Court Must decide all questions objectively on the basis of evidence and materials on record.

Administrative Tribunal may decide questions by taking into account departmental policy,  the decision of Administrative Tribunal may be subjective rather than objective.

A court of law is bound by president principles of res judicata and estoppel.

Administrative Tribunal is not strictly bound by why president principle of res judicata and  estoppel.


A court of law can decide vires of a legislation

Administrative Tribunal cannot do so

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