General Clauses Act (1897) - 

               General clauses act defines movable property, According to section 2(36) of the General Clauses Act, 1897 "movable property" shall mean property of every description except immovable property. 
Indian Penal Code (1860) - 
 Indian Penal Code also defines movable property -  As per section 22 of the Indian Penal Code, "Movable property"- The words "movable property" are intended to include corporeal property of every description, except land and things attached to the earth or permanently fastened to anything which is attached to the earth.
Civil Procedure Code (1908) -  
According to Section 2(13) of Civil Procedure code,1908 Movable property includes growing crops.
 Indian Registration Act (1908) - 
 According to Section 2(9) of Indian Registration Act, 1908 "movable property" includes standing Timber, growing crops and grass, fruits upon and juice in trees and property of every other description except immovable property. 
 Criminal Procedure Code (1898) - 

      As per section 386(A)  of Criminal Procedure Code, Movable property is referred to tangible movable property which can be seized and which must be belonging to the offender. 
 Judgements of Supreme Court and High Courts - 
       As per judgments of Supreme Court and various High Courts movable property includes goods, electricity, money, debts secured by mortgage, Government Promissory notes, right to recover maintenance allowances, royalty a machinery which is not permanently attached to the earth etc. 

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