Codifying  Statute

Consolidating Statute


Meaning of Codifying statute -  A codifying Statute which is the one which purports to statute exhaustively the whole of the law upon a particular subject, the draftsman attempting to comprise in which code both the pre-existing statutory provisions and also, rules relating to the matters.

Meaning of Consolidating statute - Consolidating statute is a statute which consolidates law on a particular subject at one place. It collects all statutory enactments on a specific subject and shape of one statute with minor 
amendments if necessary.


In presents an orderly statement of leading rules of law on a given subject.

It presents whole body of statutory law on the subject repealing former statute


Former statute survive

Former statutes are replead


It is self-contained and complete



Unless the code is ambiguous or silent on an issue the court cannot go outside the letter of law.

Judgement  may refer to earlier State of law and the judicial decisions interpreting repealed Acts


Presumption that the same words when used at different places in the same Act would bear the same meaning holds good and applicable.

Presumption has no application

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