1) Introduction -

          Amalgamation of Trade Union means "merger of two or more Trade Unions into one Trade Union."  Section 24 to26 of the Trade Unions Act, 1926 made provisions for the Amalgamation of Trade Unions.   Section 24 of the said Act makes provisions for the Amalgamation. Section 25 lays down the procedure for the Amalgamation and Section 26 of the Act speaks about the effect of Amalgamation.   

2) Definition of Trade Union - 

           Many attempts are made by writers to define the concept "Trade Unions" but each definition suffers from inherent defects because of the nature and complexity of the subject matter. Sidney and Webbs have defined Trade Unions as "a continuous Association of Wage earners for the purpose of maintaining and improving the condition of their working lives."

3) Amalgamation of Trade Unions - 

            According to Section 24 of the Trade Unions Act, any two or more registered trade unions may become amalgamated together as one trade union with or without dissolution or division of the funds of such trade unions or either or any of them.

4) Conditions - 

 At least one-half of the members of the concerned trade union must participate and vote for amalgamation.
 At least sixty percent of the votes recorded are in favor of the proposal.

5) Procedure for amalgamation - 

                  Section 25 of the Trade Unions Act, 1926 lays down the procedure for Amalgamation of trade unions.  According to this Section, a notice in writing as to the change of the name after the amalgamations has to be served as follows - 

6) Notice - 
                The notice of the amalgamation is to be served by the Secretary and seven members of the Trade Union to the Registrar of Trade Unions. If the head officers of Trade Unions are located in other States, notice is to be served to the Registrar of other State / States also.

7) Registration - 

                  The Registrar on being satisfied with the conditions, registers by posting an entry in the Register and issue certificate to that effect. The Amalgamation Come into force with effect from the date of Registration.

8) Effects - 
               According to Section 26 of The Trade Unions Act, 1926 Change of name of a registered trade union does not affect the rights and obligations of the Trade Union or render defective any legal proceeding by or against the Trade Union. Similarly, Amalgamation of registered trade unions shall not prejudice any right of the Trade Unions or any right of Creditor.

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