Before we say the difference between Parole  and Furlough  let's see what is Parole and Furlough

What is Parole - 

       Parole is the release of a prisoner to supervision in the community after he/she has completed a part of his/her sentence in an institution.

 What is Furlough - 

        Furlough is a system of release of prisoners under which well behaved prisoners of certain categories should, as a matter of right, have a spell of freedom occasionally after they undergo a specified period of imprisonment so that they may maintain contact with their near relatives and friends and may not feel uprooted from society. The furlough period should count towards the prisoners' sentence.



Furlough is a matter of right

Parole is not a matter of right and may be denied to a prisoner even when he makes out sufficient case for his release.


Furlough is granted to the prisoner periodically irrespective of particular reason merely with a view to enabling the prisoner to retain family and social ties. 

On the other hand, Parole is provided if the competent authority is satisfied on valid grounds that the release of a prisoner on parole is in the interest of society or the prison administration.

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