Warrant of Arrest - 

    The code of criminal procedure does not define the expression warrant of arrest.  Warranty is a written order of a Magistrate giving official authority to arrest a suspected criminal or accused person. The code of criminal procedure makes it clear that a warrant is an order addressed to a certain person to arrest the accused, to take him into custody and bring him before the court issuing the warrant.

Dictionary meaning of warrant -

        It is a writ issued by a competent Magistrate authorizing any officer to make an arrest, a seizure or search or to do any other act incidental to the administration of Justice.
         An arrest made under a warrant of arrest is deprivation of the personal liberty of the person arrested within the meaning of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution Hence a magistrate should issue a warrant on good and legal ground in strict compliance with the law.

Where warrant may be executed?

       According to Section 77 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, a warrant of arrest may be executed at any place in India. That means warrant of arrest may be executed within the territory of India.

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