What is FIR - 

FIR means first information report it is important from many points of view.

Importance of FIR - 

FIR is a statement made soon after the concurrence, hence the memory of the information is fresh and it is also unlikely that he had opportunities of fabrication. The FIR sets the investigation process in motion. FIR can be used to show the implication of the accused to be not an afterthought or that the information is a piece of evidence res gestae.

Requirements of FIR -

FIR must fulfill the following conditions

1.FIR must be given to the officer in charge of the police station

2. This information must relate to the cognizable offense

3. FIR(First Information Report) is information first in point of time.

4. It is on the basis of this information that investigation into the offense commences

5. The substance of the information must be entered in the book called station diary / general diary.


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