Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, This Act came into force on 18 May 1955.  This  Marriage Act governs Hindu marriages and has brought about important changes in the law on this subject.

Who is Hindu - 

According to The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 the following are Hindus... 

1) Any child, legitimate or illegitimate, both of whose parents are Hindus, Buddhists Jains or Sikhs  by religion;

 2) Any child, Legitimate or Illegitimate,  one of whose parents is a Hindu by religion and brought up as a member of the Tribe, community, group of family to which such parent belongs or  belonged; and

 3) Any person who is converted or Reconvert to Hindu, Buddhist Jain or Sikh by religion.

Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains - 

 the Buddhist Jain and Sikh religion are offshoots of Hinduism.  They have Departed in some respects from orthodox Hinduism. Their votaries are however governed by Hindu law.

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