Meaning of execution and decree - 

             The execution of a decree is not defined in the Civil Procedure Code,  execution means the enforcement or giving effect to the judgment or order of the Court and decree is a theoretical concept.

Property liable to attachment and sale in execution of decree. 

 According to Section 60 of the Civil Procedure Code following property is liable to attachment and sale in execution of a decree namely -

(1) Lands,

(2) Houses or other buildings,

(3) Goods,

(4) Money and bank notes,

(5) Cheques, bills of exchange, hundis, promissory notes,

(6)Government securities, bonds or other securities for money,

(7) Debts,

(8) Shares in a corporation

(9) All other saleable property, movable or immovable, belonging to the judgment debtor, or over which, or the profits of which, he has a disposing power which he may exercise for his own benefit, whether the same be held in the name of the judgment-debtor or by another person in trust for him or on his behalf.

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