Attempt any Five. Question No.6 is Compulsory - 

1) What is a Public Document? What are the Special Provisions in the Indian Evidence Act concerning proof of Public Documents? On What grounds do you justify these Documents?

>>>>> "Documents" under the Indian Evidence Act,1872.

>>>>>   Difference between Public Document and Private Document


What do you mean by Conclusive Proof? Enumerate and Explain are such presumption under the Indian Evidence Act

 2) Hearsay evidence is inadmissible. Discuss which are the provisions in the Evidence Act providing exceptions to this rule


All facts must be Proved. Explain 

3) Privileged Communication under the Indian Evidence Act 1872


When Secondary Evidence is Admissible?

4)  Discuss the circumstances in which judgments of courts are relevant


What is mean by burden of proof? Explain the law relating Burden of proof

5) What is Admission and who can make Admissions under the Indian Evidence Act 1872


What is Dying Declaration

6) Write note on any four

A) Relevancy of Character 

B) Circumstantial evidence

C) Expert opinion

D) Child Witness 

E)  Electronic Evidence


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