Instructions to the candidate

  • All Questions are compulsory 
  • Figures to the right indicate  full marks
  • Question No.7 is Compulsory


UDHR has influenced the various national, constitutional, National Legislation, Regulations and policies that protect Human Rights. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Q.2)  Explain the significance of International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights with that of part IV of the Indian Constitution. [Marks - 15]


Q.3) Write short notes on any two.  [Marks - 10]

 b) Human Rights of Minorities

 c) Human rights of aged person

 d) Human Rights of Dalits


Q.5)  What is Asylum and Kinds of Asylum [Marks - 15]

>>>> Meaning and Definition of Asylum 

>>>> Kinds of Asylum



7) Write short notes on any two  [Marks - 15]


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