Q.No 8 is Compulsory. Out of the Remaining attempt any Five Questions. 

1) Discuss the Concept of Dying Declaration 

2) Explain the provisions relating to confession. Distinguish between Admission and Confession

>>>>> Confession and Kinds of Confession

>>>>> Confession to Police Officer

>>>>> Distinction / Difference between Confession and Admission

3) Documents must be proved by primary evidence. Explain what are the exceptions to the said rule?

>>>> Primary Evidence 

>>>> Difference between Primary Evidence and Secondary Evidence

4) Discuss the concept of Public Documents

5) Explain the concept of burden of proof with the help of decided cases

6) Discuss the concept of estoppels

>>>>> Meaning and Kinds of Estoppel

>>>>> The Doctrine of Estoppel Under Indian Evidence Act.

>>>>> Difference between Estoppel and Res Judicata

7) Explain the exclusion of oral by documentary evidence

8)  Write short notes on any two

a) Judicial proceedings

b) Evidentiary value of FIR

c) Proved

>>>> Meaning and Definition of Proved

>>>> Distinction / Difference between Proved, Disproved and Not Proved.

d) Dog tracking

e) Res gestae 

f) Judge or magistrate as a witness


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