Individual Dispute

           Industrial Dispute


            Whether a single workman who is aggrieved by an action of the employer an raise Industrial Dispute. Section 2(k) of the Industrial Act, 1947 speaks of a dispute between employer and workmen. i.e. Plural form is used.

         Before insertion of the Section 2A of the Act, an Individual Dispute could not per se be an Industrial Dispute but it becomes one if taken up by the Trade union or a number of workmen.
to the dispute.

             Industrial Dispute is defined under Section 2(k) of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1847. “Industrial dispute” means any dispute or difference between employers and employers, or between employers and workmen, or between workmen and workmen, which is connected with the employment or non-employment or the terms of employment or with the conditions of labor, of any persons.”


           An Individual Dispute to be declared as an Industrial Disputes, The following Conditions are to be satisfied –

(1) A body of workmen ( Trade Union)or a considerable number of workmen are found to have common cause with the Individual workman;

(2) That the Individual dispute was taken up or sponsored by the workmen as a body ( trade union) or by Considerable Section of them before the date of reference.

        To constitute Industrial Dispute following elements are to be satisfied  -

1) A dispute Between Employers and employers or employer and workman or workman and workman.

(2) The Dispute should be connected with employment or non-employment or terms of employment or conditions of labor of any person.

(3) The Dispute may be in relation to any workmen or any other person in whom they are interested as a body


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