What is Strike?

      According to Ludwig teller, the word strike in the broad significance has a reference to a dispute between an employer and his worker, in the course of which there is a concerted suspension of work

Types of strike 

           There are four types of Strike which are as follows :

   i) General Strike
  ii) Stay in sit down, cool down and pen down Strikes.
  iii) Go slow Strike
  iv) Sympathetic Strike

1) General strike:

            A general strike is one , where the workmen join together for a common cause and stay away from work as a mark of protest thus depriving the employer of their labour to run the industry .in such form of strike the collective action is taken by the workmen against the management in general with the ultimate object to force the management to negotiate the settlement of dispute with the striking workmen

2) Stay in sit down, cool down and pen down strikes:

         These are some of the variants of strike restored to by the workmen under different circumstances. here in cases the workmen enter the place of work but do not do any work. They simply occupy their places of work and either stay in or sit down

3) Go slow strike:

         According to the law of U.S.A., this is a form of strike. From the definition of the industrial disputes act, this form cannot be regarded as a strike as held in so many cases in such a strike the workmen do not stay away from work ,they do come to their work and work also but with a slow speed in order to lower down the production and thereby cause a loss to the employer .it is not a strike but is a serious misconduct which is insidious its nature and cannot be countenanced.

4) Sympathetic strike: 

           A sympathetic strike is one which is called for the purpose of indirectly aiding others. The striking employees having no demand or grievance of their own and the strike having no direct relation to the advancement of the interest of the strikers .such a strike is unjustifiable on the right of the employees and is, therefore unlawful. but it is a means which is adopted by the union leaders to put pressure on the employer of striking employees to accept their demands. according to some writers, a Union calling a sympathetic strike is liable in damages for the injuries thereby caused to the employer by such an action is fraught with serious consequences


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