1. What is Parole?

        "Parole is the release from a penal or reformative institution of an offender who remains under the control of correctional authorities, in an attempt to find whatever he is fit to live in the free society without supervision."

Essential requisites of an ideal parole 

The essential requisites of an ideal parole system may Brierly be summarised as follows 

(1) emphasis must be on supervision as well as guidance and assistance to parolees so as to make the system useful to the society in general and the parolees in particular. 

(2) before release on parole , the parolees must be thoroughly prepared for parole administration. This task can be assigned to classification committees functioning under the parole system 

(3) the criterion governing selection of prisoners for grant of release on parole should not be the particular category to which the offender belongs nor the length of his sentence, but his suitability to respond favourably to the rehabilitative processes and the fact that his social re -adjustment is more likely to be achieved by allowing him the benefit of parole than by treatment under detention in prison 

(4) the parolees must be assured an honourable employment and favourable surroundings at the time of their release on parole . this will inculcate hope, confidence and social responsibility in them. It would also help them in overcoming their inferiority complex for being ex-convict 

(5) since the parolees have to be rehabilitated within the society through various social agencies ,it is desirable that the parole authorities should seek active co- operation of the public in this task 

(6) parole boards should be completely free from political pressures and the only person of proven ability and integrity should be induced in these boards. They should be well qualified full - time officials. 

(7) the staff associated with parole agency should be whole -time workers. experience alone should also be the criterion for selecting field officials but well qualified and trained personnel should be recruited for this job


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