Meaning: the word dishonestly means having deviated from honesty. But in Indian penal Code Section 24 has given a technical meaning to the word dishonestly, to include an intentional act, to cause wrongful gain and wrongful loss in another.

Meaning: Act fraudulent if done with intend to defraud and no otherwise means there can be no fraud unless there was an intention to defraud.  


Definition : Section 24 defines Dishonestly - Whoever does anything with the intention of causing wrongful gain to one person or wrongful loss to another person, is said to do that thing “dishonestly”

Definition: Section 25 defines Fraudulently - A person is said to do a thing fraudulently if he does that thing with intent to defraud but not otherwise.


Intention: Intention must be to cause wrongful gain or wrongful loss to a person.
Example: A find ring belonging to B on a table in B’s room and removes it foe own use , A’s act is dishonest since it amounts to wrongful gain to A and wrongful loss to B.

Intention: In this case. Intention is defraud other.


Deceit is not an essential element

Deceit is an essential element.


In this case there must be pecuniary gain or loss.

In this case, pecuniary or economic gain or loss is not always so.


Dishonesty may be by innocence. Dishonestly and innocence may coincide.

Fraud and innocence can never overlap. Fraud itself is deception.


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