1) The rule similar to the English doctrine of anticipatory  breach of contract is incorporated under which of the section of indian contract act, 1872 ?

A) Section 38

B) Section 62

C) Section 73

D) Section 39

Answer : D

2) The plaintiff and defendant were rival shopkeepers in a locality at Delhi. The defendant agreed to pay a sum of money to the plaintiff if he would close his business in the locality the agreement shall void under ----

A) Section 25

B) Section 26

C) Section 27

D) Section 28

Answer : C

3) A guru (spiritual advisor) induced the chela (devotee) to gift him the whole of his property to secure benefit to his soul in the next world. The gift shall be ----

A) Void

B) Voidable

C) Valid

D) Immoral

Answer : B

4) Which one of the following cases is that Case in which, the doctrine of privity of contract came in to being in England ?

A) Jorden vs Jorden

B) Taylor vs fastor

C) Prince vs Easton

D) Tweddle vs Atkinson

Answer : D

5) It is extremely amazing but legally true that indian contract act, 1872 deals with vicarious 
performance of a contract under

A) Section 40

B) Section 50

C) Section 46

D) Section 62

Answer : A


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