1) A and B agree that A shall pay B rs. 500 for which B shall afterwards deliver to A one quintal wheat or a smuggled pistol.
Decide ----

A) The whole Agreement is void

B) The whole Agreement is valid

C) The whole Agreement unlawful

D) The Agreement to deliver wheat is valid but the Agreement is void as to the pistol 

Answer : D

2) The plaintiff was an applicant for the head mastership of a school. The managing committee passed a resolution appointing him but one of the members in his individual capacity informed him about his selection. The managing committee cancelled it's resolution and the plaintiff sued for breach of contract. Decide -----

A) Plaintiff will not be successful because there is no proposal.

B) Plaintiff can get damages for breach of contract.
C) Plaintiff will not be successful because there is no acceptance.
D) Plaintiff should file suit on managing committee.

Answer : C

3) A agreed to sell B a hundred tons of oil, the agreement shall  be..
A) Valid
B) Voidable
C) Void
D) None of the above

Answer : C 

4) A contract to hire a room to review a coronation procession was held to have frustrated when the prosecution was postponed, this is fact of-----

A) Krell Vs Henry

B) Taylor Vs Caldwell

C) Howell Vs coupland

D) Robinson Vs Davison

Answer : A 

5) The English doctrine of Novation of contract ----

A) Is incorporated under section 62 of the Indian Contract Act.

B) Has no legal place in Indian .

C) Is dealt with under section 63 of the Indian Contract Act.

D) Is given in section 56 of the Indian Contract Act.

Answer : A


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