1) change of the nature of the obligation in a contract is known as -----

A) Rescission

B) Novation

C) Frustration

D) Breach

Answer : B

2) the juristic concept of contract consists of -----

A) Offer and acceptance

B) Offer and Agreement

C) Party

D) None of these

Answer : A

3) A minor enters into an agreement representing himself to be a major
Consider the following statement-----

1. Minor commits Fraud if the other party does not have personal knowledge of age.

2. Such agreement is enforceable

3. The doctrine of estoppel does not apply in minor's case

4. Other party is entitled to get back the benefit passed to minor, if innocent about his age

Which of the statement given above are correct ?

A) 1, 3 and 4

B) 2 and 3

C) 1, 2 and 4

D) 2 and 4

Answer :  B

4) Which one of the following statement is not correct

 A) Minor's Agreement is void

B) Wagering Agreement is void

C) Agreement caused by mutual mistakes is void

D) Contract without consideration is void

Answer : D

5) A promise to paint a picture for B by 30 December, 2006 on a certain price. A dies before that 
 date ----

A) B can enforce the contract

B) B can enforce the contract against A's representatives

C) B cannot enforce the contract

D) None of the above

Answer : C


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