1) The principle relating to measures to damages in case of breach of a contract which has bearing on section 73 of the Indian contract act, 1872 and which came in Hadley vs baxendale was laid down by -

A) Lord Atkin

B) Wills j.

C) Alderson B. J.

D) Cockburn c.j.

Answer : C

2) X makes a proposal to sell his horse to Y on 10th August, 2003 by post. Y posts the letter of acceptance on 15 August, 2003. Y gets an information on 18 August, 2003 that X had died on 12 August, 2003. Give Contract response ---

A) Acceptance by Y is Valid and binding upon the heirs of X

B) Acceptance by Y is not valid and heirs of X are not bound

C) The contract is voidable at the option of Y

D) The contract is voidable at the option of heirs of X

Answer : A

3)  A landlord gives his room on rent to a minor for continuing his education. The minor refuges  to give rent, point out the legal position in such circumstances

A) Minor is personally liable to pay rent

B) Minor is liable to pay rent as contract is void

C) Minor is liable after becoming major and till the claim of landlord would be kept pending

D) Landlord can recover the rent from the estate of the minor

Answer : D

4) Which one of the following cases relates to frustration of contract ?

A) A satybharat Ghosh vs Mugneeram

B) Hadley vs Baxendale

C) Repolimis

D) Mohri Bibi vs Dharm Das Ghosh

Answer : A

5) an advertisement inviting tender is

A) A proposal

B) An invitation to offer

C) Repolimis

D) An offer to public

Answer : B


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