1) The rule enunciated By section 65 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 is applicable to agreements which reduced Void by : 

A) Mistake

B)  Failure of consideration

C) Impossibility of performance of contract

D) All of the above

Answer : C

2)  Where no application is made and no time is specified for performance of promise. There the agreement be performed within :

A) 3 years

B) 2 years

C) One year

D) Reasonable time.

Answer : D

3) A promises to paint a picture for V by 30 December, 2006 on a certain price, A dies before that date :

A) B can enforce the contract.

B) B  can enforce the contract against A's  representatives.

C) B cannot enforce the contract.

D)  None of the above.

Answer : B

3) A and B agrees that A shall pay ₹ 5000 for B which B Shall afterwards delivered to A one quintal wheat or a smuggled pistol. Decide it :

A) The whole agreement is Void.

B) The whole agreement is valid.

C) The whole agreement is unlawful.

D) The agreement to deliver wheat is valid but the agreement is Void as to pistol.

Answer : D

4) The English doctrine of novation of contract :

A) Is incorporated under Section 62 of the Indian Contract Act 1872

B) Has no legal place in India

C) Is dealt with under section 63 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872

D) Is given in Section 56 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872

Answer : A

5) The rule similar to the English doctrine of anticipatory breach of contract is incorporated under which of the section of the Indian contact Act, 1872 ?

A) Section 38

B) Section 40

C) Section 73

D) Section 39

Answer : D


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