1) A agrees with B to discover Treasure by magic. This agreement is:

A) Void 

B)  Void

C) Enforceable

D) Valid and Enforceablein Bangal

Answer : A

2) In case of alternative promise, one branch of which is legal and other is illegal :

A) Both branches will be enforceable

B) The legal branches alone can be enforced.

C)  Non branch is enforceable

D)  None of the above

Answer : B

3)  Which one of the following cases is related to the doctrine of frustration ?

A) Hadley Vs. Baxendale

B) State of Rajasthan Vs. Carbolic Smoke ball Co.

C) Satyabrata Ghosh Vs. Mug we.

D) State Bank of India Vs. Quality Bread Factory

Answer : C

4) Which one of the following cases is not a related to the damages for breach of contract ?

A) Headley vs Baxendale

B) State Bank of Rajasthan Vs. Novelty stores

C) Madras Railway Co. Vs. Govinda Rao.

D) Domanion of India Vs all India report Ltd.

Answer : B

5) Which one of the following sections of Indian Contract Act embodies the rule of Clayton's case relating to appropriation of payments?

A) Section 59

B) Section 61

C) Section 60

D) Section 58

Answer : A


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