1) State which of the following is correct ? A promises to paint a picture for B :

A) A himself is  bound to paint the picture

B) A may employ a painter to do this work

C) A may employ his son to paint the picture

D) After A's death his son will be bound to paint the picture

Answer : A

2) A, B and C jointly promise to give Rs. 6,000 to D. D can enforce the contract :

A) jointly

B) Severally

C) Specifically

D) Both jointly and severally

Answer : D

3) In which Section of the Indian contact Act the doctrine of Impossibility has been enshrined ?

A) Section 54

B) Section 55

C) Section 56

D) Section 57

Answer : C

4) Which Section of the Indian contact Act deals with anticipatory breach of contract ?

A) Section 29

B) Section 39

C) Section 72

D) Section 73

Answer : B

5) Krell Vs Henery case is related to which theory ?

A) Theory of frustration or Impossibility

B) Theory of Accord and satisfaction

C) Theory of privity of contract

D) None of the above

Answer : A


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