1) Reasonable time for performance of a contract is a question ?

A) Of fact

B) Of law

C) Mixed question of fact and law

D) Of prudence

Answer : A

2) A contract is not frustrated :

A) By commercial Impossibility

B) By imposition of government restriction
or order

C) By destruction of subject matter of contract

D) By death or incapability of party when contact is of the personal services.

Answer : A

3) X promises to make a sculpture for Y :

A)  X's son can perform the promise.

B) X has to perform the promise Personally.

C)  X's servant can perform the promise

D) X's agent who is  an artist also, can perform the promise.

Answer : B

4) Novation of a contract means :

A) Renewal of original contract

B)  Substitution of a new contract in place of original contract.

C) Alteration of a contract

D) Recession of contract

Answer : B

5) Satya brat vs Mugneeram is related to :

A) Quasi contract

B) Doctrine of frustration

C) Liquidated damages

D) Minor's contract

Answer : B


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