1) A who is lunatic accepts a proposal for the sale of one of his plots of land to B for ₹ .5,000 during one of his same intervals. Before B could take possession of the land , A lapsed into insanity again. Which one of the following depicts the correct legal position? 

A) B cannot enforce the contract

B) B must wait till A becomes sane and then enforce the contract .

C) The contract is valid and enforceable.

D) A has no capacity to enter into contract and hence the contract is void .

Answer :  C

2) By threat of suicide, A induced his wife and son to execute a contract what is according to Indian Contract Act 1872 ...

A) An unlawful contract

B) A voidable contract

C) A void contract

D) It is not contract at all

Answer : B

3) A contract without consideration will be :

A) Voidable

B) Void

C) Illegal

D) Inoperative

Answer : B

4) Every agreement in restraint of the marriage of the marriage of any person other than minor :

A) Is voidable

B) Is illegal

C) Is void

D) Is valid

Answer : C

5) A promises for no consideration to give to B ₹ 1,000 . This agreement is :

A) Voidable

B) Void

C) Enforceable

D) Not enforceable

Answer : B


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