1) Which one of the following agreement is void ?

A) A agrees to sell two hundred tones of oil to B

B) An agreement in restraint of legal proceedings

C) An agreement in restraint of marriage of any person

D) A finds B's purse and gives it to him . B promises to give to A ₹ 1000

Answer : D

2) In Carlil Vs Carbolic Smoke Ball Co., the definition of wagering agreement was given by :

A) Justice Bowen

B) Justice Hawkins

C) Lord denning

D) Lord Selborne

Answer : B

3) A agreed to sell B , a hundred tons of oil , the agreement shall be valid  :

A) Valid

B) Voidable

C) Void

D) None of these

Answer : A

4) The plaintiff and defendant were rival shopkeepers in a locality at Delhi. The defendant agreed to pay a sum of money to the plaintiff if he would close his business in that locality , the agreement shall be void under :

A) Section 25

B) Section 26

C) Section 27

D) Section 28

Answer : C

5) In absence of uncertainty an agreement is void. In which section of the Indian Contract Act is such provision embodied?  

A)  Section 26 .

B ) Section 27

C) Section 28

D) Section 29

Answer : D


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