1) A proposal when accepted...

A)  It becomes a promise

B) Becomes an agreement.

C) Becomes a contract

D) Becomes a consideration.

Answer : A 
(According to Section 2b, when the person to whom the proposal is made signifies his assent thereto, the proposal is said to be accepted. A proposal when accepted  becomes promise.)

2)  Which of the following is a valid acceptance of a proposal ?

A) When an acceptance is made in ignorence of the proposal.

B) When an acceptance is made in usual and reasonable manner but not in a manner prescribed by the proposer

C) When an acceptance is made in Manner prescribed by the proposer

D) None of the above

Answer : C

3)  If a proposal is has been accepted subject to certain conditions then....

A) The contract is valid and conditions are binding.

B) The contract is voidable

C) The contract is valid but conditions are not binding

D) The contract is not constituted at all

Answer : A

4) The plaintiff was an applicant for the headmastership of a school, the Managing committee passed a resolution appointing him but the decision was not communicated to him. One of the members in his individual capacity informed him about his selection. The Managing committee cancelled its  resolution and the plaintiff sued for breach of contract.....

A) Plaintiff will not be successful as there is no proposal

B) Plaintiff will not be successful because there is no acceptance.

C) Plaintiff can get damages for breach of contract.

D) Plaintiff should file suit on managing committee

Answer : B

5) An accepted proposal is called....

A) An agreement

B) A contract

C) A promise

D) Consideration

Answer : C


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