21) Goods displayed in a shop window with a price label will amount to :

A) Offer

B) Acceptance of offer

C) Invitation to offer

D) Counter offer

Answer : C

22)  Which one of the following is not provided in Sections 4 and 5 of the Indian Contract Act 1872 ??

A) Communication of offer

B) Communication of acceptance

C) Revocation of proposal and acceptance

D) Revocation of contract

Answer : D

23) The person making a proposal is called....

A) promisor

B) Vendor

C) Contractor

D) Promise

Answer : A   

Explanation :  According to Sec 2c,  The person making proposal is called the Promisor .

24) A by a later offers to sell his car to B for Rupees - 75000/-  At the same time B by a letter which crosses the above letter while in post offers to buy the car for rupees 75000 /- In this context which one of the following provisions is correct ??

A) A Contract is concluded when this 2 letters cross each other in Post.

B) A contract is concluded when the latter posted by A reaches B

C)  No contract is concluded at any time

D) A  contract is concluded only when letter posted by B reaches A .

Answer : C

25) What can a catalogue of books, listing price of each book and specifying the place where the listed books are available be termed as.

A) An offer

B) An obligation of sell book.

C) An invitation to offer

D) A promise to make available the book at the listed place.

Answer : C


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