16) Section 2 of Indian Contract Act provides........

A Proposal

B Consideration

C) Agreement

D) Void contract


Answer - A ( According to Sec 2(a) ).

17) A proposal is invoked....

A) By the communication of notice of revocation by the proposer to the other party

B) By the failure of the acceptor to fulfill the condition precedent to acceptance

C) By the death of proposer

D) All of the above.

Answer : D

18) Section 6 of The Indian Contract Act 1872 provides....

A) Revocation how made

 B) Revocation of proposal

C) Communication of proposal.

D) None of the above

Answer : A

19)  Section 3 of Indian Contract Act 1872 provides..

A) Revocation how made

B) A revocation of proposal

C) Communication , acceptance and revocation of proposals.

D)  None of the above

Answer : C

20 ) The principle that an information supplied to an  enquiry is an invitation to treat, it was laid down in the case of......

A)  Durga Prasad vs baldeo

 B) Harvey Vs Facay

C) Kedarnath vs Gauri Mohammad

D)  Prince vs Easton

Answer : B


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