11 )  A's nephew has absconded from home, he  sends his servant B in search of the boy. When B had left A by handbills offered to pay ₹ 5001 to anybody discovering the boy. B traced the boy and brought an action to recover the reward. In case.....

A) B can claim the reward 

B)  B  cannot claim reward

C) B can claim damages from A.

D) B can claim reward and damages from A.

Answer : B

12) Proposal is....

A) Only a declaration of intentions

 B) Casual statement

C) A invitation to make an offer

 D) A willingness to do or not to do something with a view to obtaining the assent of the address.

Answer : D

13)  An advertisement in a newspaper inviting tender is ...

A) Proposal

B) An invitation for proposal.

C) A  promise

D) An invitation for negotiation

Answer B
14) Balfour vs Balfour is a leading case on the principle of.....

A) Acknowledgement

B)  Intention to contract

C )  Promissory estoppel

D)  Restitution

Answer B

15) The  rate list in a shop is...

A)  An offer

B) An invitation for offer.
C) A promise

D)  Novation

Answer : B 


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