6) In which of the following there is not contract ?  

A) A seats in a public carrier

B) A after standing on a weighing machine at a railway station puts coin on it

C) A teaches a proposal to his parrot and sends it to B. The parrot tells the proposal to B .

D)  A gives an advertisement that whosoever will bring his lost dog would be rewarded B brings that Dog to 

Answer : C

7) An advertisement inviting tender is.....

A) A proposal

B) and invitation to offer

C) A proposal to the public

D) A promise

Answer B

8) Tender is.....

A) An offer

B) An invitation to offer

C)  A counter offer

D) A promise

Answer B

9) A offers to sell his house to B for ₹ 5,00,000 agrees to purchase it for ₹ 4,00,000 B's  reply amount to.....

A) Acceptance.

B) Counter offer.

C) Invitation to an offer.

D)  Standing offer.

Answer B

10) 'Acceptance is to an offer what a lighted match is to a train of gun-powder'. this principle was propounded by

A) Sir William Anson

B) Friedman

C) Chesire and Fifoot

D) Pollack and Mulla

Answer -  A.

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