1.A proposes , by later to sell a horse to B at a certain price. The communication of proposal is complete when....

A) A puts letter in letter box.

B) B receives the letter

C) B puts reply in letter-box

D) A receives reply of B

Answer - B

Explanation : 
According to Section 4 the communication of proposal is complete when it comes to the knowledge of person to whom it is made.

2 ) The Indian Contract Act 1872 came into force on....

A) 1 April 1870

B) 1 September 1872

C) 1 July 1870

D) 24 March 1872

Answer : B

3) A General offer is an offer which....

A)  Contains the normal condition to the law of contract.

B) Does not intend to create legal relations.

C) Is made to general public and may be accepted by anyone.

D) Is not entitled to create contractual relation.

Answer : C

4) In case of general offer there is no need to communicate the acceptance if not required by the proposer . This has been decided in....

A) Carlill vs carbolic smoke ball company.

B) Bhagwandas vs Girdhari Lal

C) Lal Man Shukla vs Gauri Datta

D)  Ramji DayaBala vs investment Import.

Answer : A

5)  An advertisement inviting tenders is....

A) An invitation for negotiations

B) A proposal

C)  An invitation for proposal

D) A promise

Answer : C


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