1) Which one of the following sections of the Indian Contract Act,1872 relates to the rule no consent, no agreement  ?

A) Section 13

B) Section 21

C) Section 20

D) Section 22

Answer : A

2) Which is not the correct statement ? 

A) If consent is the result of coercion, the agreement is void.

 B) If a party is minor, the agreement is void .

C) If the object of an agreement is unlawful, the  agreement is void. 

 D) If the consideration of an agreement is unlawful, the agreement is void .

Answer. : A

3) Which section of The Indian Contract Act, 1872 provides that where both parties to an agreement are under a mistake of fact, the agreement is void.

A) Section 13

B) Section 20

C) Section 21

D) Section 22.

Answer. : B

4) Which may render an agreement void ?

A) Coercion causing consent.

B) Undue influence causing consent.

C) Fraud causing consent.

D) Agreement in restraint of trade.

Answer. : D

5) Where both the parties to an agreement under a mistake of fact essential to the agreement, the agreement is :

A) Voidable at the option of sufferer

B) Illegal

C) Void

D) Not enforceable in a court.

Answer. : C


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