1) What will be the effect of mistakes as to law in force in India on the  agreement?

A) Not voidable

B)  Voidable

C) Void 

D) Not void

Answer. : A

2) An agreement made without free consent is:

A) Always void

B) Voidable

C) Unlawful

D) Either void or voidable.

Answer. : B

3) Which of the following statement is not correct ?

 A)  Minor's agreement is void.

B)  Wagering agreement is void

C)  Agreement caused by mutual mistake is void.

D) Contract without consideration is void.

Answer. : C

4) A Guru. ( spiritual advisor) induced the Chela ( his devotee) to gift him a whole of his property to secure benefit of his soul in the next World.
The gift shall be...

A) Void

B) Voidable

C) Valid

D) Immoral

Answer. :B

5) A contract caused by one of the parties to it being under a mistake as to matter of fact is :

A)  Void

B)  Valid

C) Voidable at the option of either party.

D) Voidable at the option of the party who under mistake.

Answer. : B


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