Jurisprudence and legal theory by V.D. Mahajan, Attempts to explain the legal concept and theories of law including its sources in simple and understandable language. It is a detailed analytical work on subject giving due consideration to the recent developments and latest research in the field.
        The chapters in this book have been devoted to the study of nature , scope , classification and sources of law , including the concept of sovereignty and administration of justice; legal concepts and the basic concept relating to procedural law; and legal theories containing elaborated discussion on the various schools of law. The book is complete with full critical analytical of the subject containing various views of the distinguished jurist arranged under appropriate heads on all views of the basic concepts which underline most system of law.
          In addition to a very useful subject index  facilitating reference, the author has taken care to give a fairly long list of ;suggested readings' at the end of each chapter to enable further study on the subject.


                        1) Case laws quoted up to date, different opinions of learned men on the subject have been analyzed , compared and commented and no point has been left untouched making it self contained . and each. this is a higher work of standard.

                        2) This is a unique book in the legal literature and from which the student are able to get all the materials connected to the subject . Different references , discussions on various legal theories including the international theories are very important.

                         3) Comprehensive  collection of the various distinguished jurist on the basic legal principles arranged under appropriate heads.

                         I strongly trust the book  will be useful not only to students in legal institution but that will reach you the wider circle of academic and practicing  lawyers and other interested in law.

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