1. Cognizable offenses as described as___________

A. It is the offense in which a police officer can arrest the convict without a warrant.

B. It is a bailable offense.

C. The police officer is bound to register the FIR even with the permission of the Magistrate.

D. FIR did not submit

Correct Answer: A

2. Punishment for Breach of Confidentiality and Privacy of IT Act offense is_________.

A. Imprisonment up to 2 years

B. Imprisonment up to 3 years

C. Imprisonment up to 5 years

D. Imprisonment up to 10 years

Answer: A

3. Which are the grounds that section 80 covers?

A. to commit 

B. of not having committed

C. of committing 

D. not commit

Answer: C

4. What is not the definition of Hacking?

A. The gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer.

B. Breaking into the computer system

C. Deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain 

D. valid concept

Answer: C

5. Injury done to the reputation of the person is called _______.

A. Harassment 

B. Defamation

C. Abuse 

D. Damage

Answer: B

6. In which year India’s IT Act came into existence?

A. 2003 

B. 2001

C. 2002 

D. 2000

Answer: D

7. What type of cybercrime, its laws and punishments do section 66 of the Indian IT Act holds?

A. Putting antivirus into the victim

B. Stealing data

C. Cracking or illegally hacking into any system

D. Stealing hardware components

Answer: C

8. Under which section of the IT Act, stealing any digital asset or information is written a cybercrime.

A. Section 69

B. Section 65

C. Section 67

D. Section 70

Answer: B

9. Which act states the statement "80 Power of police officer and other officers to enter, Search, etc."?

A. Information Technology act 1990

B. Code of criminal procedure, 1973

C. Section 80 Information Technology act 2000

D. code of criminal procedure, 1974

Answer: C

10. Any person who intentionally destroys or alters any computer source code, when it is required to be kept by law, is said to commit the offense and is punishable with...

A. imprisonment up to 4 years

B. imprisonment up to 3 years or fine up to 2 lakhs or both

C. fine up to 4 lakhs

D. imprisonment up to 1 year

Answer: B

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