1. Digital Signature Certificate is ____________ requirement under various applications

A. Statutory

B. Legislative

C. Governmental

D. Voluntary

👉Correct Answer: A. Statutory

2. The Information Technology Act 2000 is an Act of the Indian Parliament notified on

A. 27th October 2000

B. 15th December 2000

C. 17th November 2000

D. 17th October 2000

👉Correct Answer: D. 17th October 2000

3. Many Cyber Crimes come under the Indian Penal Code which one of the following is an example?

A. Sending Threatening messages by Email

B. Forgery of Electronic Record

C. Bogus Website

D. All of above

👉Correct Answer: D. All of above

4. Assessing a Computer without prior authorization is a cyber crime that comes under____

A. Section 65

B. Section 66

C. Section 68

D. Section 70

👉Correct Answer: B. Section 66

5. ____________ means a person who has been granted a license to issue an electronic signature


A. Certifying Authority

B. Certifying Private Key Authority

C. Certifying system controller

D. Appropriate Authority

👉Correct Answer: A. Certifying Authority

6. ________ is data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful manner.

A. A process

B. Software

C. Storage

D. Information

👉Correct Answer: D. Information

7. The following cannot be exploited by assigning or by licensing the rights of others

A. Patent

B. Design

C. Trademark

D. All of the above

👉Correct Answer: D. All of the above

8. The Altering of data so that it is not usable unless the changes are undone is

A. Biometrics

B. Encryption

C. Ergonomics

D. Compression

👉Correct Answer: B. Encryption

9. Authentication is _________

A. To assure the identity of user on a remote system

B. Insertion

C. Modification

D. Integration

👉Correct Answer: A. To assure the identity of the user on a remote system

10. _______ is an application of information and communication technology (ICT) for delivering

Government Service.

A. Governance

B. Electronic Governance

C. Governance and Ethics

D. Risk and Governance.

👉Correct Answer: B. Electronic Governance

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