Introduction - 

                 The word information means something in the nature of a complaint or accusation, or at least information of a crime, give one with the object of putting the polis in motion in order to investigate, as distinguished from information obtained by the police when actively investigating a crime.

Meaning and Definition of FIR - 

          The term first information report (FIR) has not been defined by the code of criminal procedure. But the report under section 154 is usually referred to as the first information report, i.e. FIR, it is the information given to the police relating to the cognizable offense.

Ingredients of the First Information Report (FIR) - 

Ingredients of the first information report are as follows -

 1. First information is an information which is given to the police officer.

 2. This information must relate to a cognizable offence.

 3. FIR is an information first in point of time.

 4. It is one the basis of this information that investigation into the offence commences.

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