According to the citizenship act 1955, the citizenship of India may be lost whether it was acquired under the citizenship Act 1955, or prior to it, under the provisions of the Constitution.  it may happen in any of the following ways- 

1) Acquisition of citizenship of any foreign state-

       According to the provisions of Article 9 of the Indian Constitution,  an Indian citizen may lose his citizenship if He/She voluntarily acquires citizenship of any foreign State.
For example-  Sachin acquired citizenship of the USA  In this case, he is no longer citizen of India.

2) Renunciation of Citizenship-

       An Indian citizen of full age and capacity (who is also a citizen or national of another country) can be announced his Indian citizenship by making a declaration to that effect and having it registered. When a male person renounces his citizenship every minor child of his cases to be an Indian citizen. Such a child may, however resume Indian citizenship if he makes a declaration to that effect within a year of his attending full age that is 18 years. In simple words, if an Indian citizen by his voluntary act renounces citizenship would cease to be an Indian citizen.

3) Termination-

          If a citizen of India voluntarily acquired the citizenship of our country then his Indian citizenship product stand terminated by the operation of law. This provision, however, does not apply to a citizen who during a war in which India may be engaged voluntarily acquires the citizenship of another country. If any question arises as to the whether, when or how any person has acquired the citizenship of another country, it is to be determined by which authority and in such a manner as may be prescribed by the rules.

4) Deprivation - 

        Deprivation is a compulsory termination of citizenship of India by an order of the Government of India. If it is that the person acquired citizenship by fraud or person has been found disloyal to the Indian Constitution or he has shown dissatisfaction to the Indian Constitution.

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