In any state, police system plays a crucial role in the maintenance of peace and enforcement of law and order within its territorial jurisdiction

The major functions which the policies lawfully required to perform are as follows-

1) Patrolling and surveillance-

Patrolling is the visible police function for the purpose of general watch and ward. Expecting the traffic control police, static parties-Pickets are in vogue.  there is a good amount of divergence in the patrol patterns in the urban and rural areas.  in rural sector, patrolling work is done by the village chaukidar. Surveillance is another important function of the police which is based on anti-crime work.

2) Preventative functions- 

The foremost task assigned to the police is to make arrest of lawbreakers and suspected criminals and take them into custody in order to prevent crime.

3) Conditional release of accused on Bond

The police also has the power to release an accused on Bond with or without sureties in case there is no sufficient evidence or reasonable ground of suspicion to justify the forwarding of the accused to a magistrate.

4) Investigation by police

The purpose of Investigation is to collect evidence and apprehend the culprit. It is the duty of everyone concerned to assist the police in their work. The police can question any person supposed to be acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case and any such person shall be bound to answer truly all question relating to such Case.

5) Integration offenders and suspects- 

Another important that devolves on police is to "frisk" and interrogate the criminals or suspects. Frisking implied searching the pockets add clothing of the suspect as a measure of safety and security while enforcing law against him. The police also have the power to interrogate and question the person suspected of having committed a non-cognizable offence.

6) Search and seizure- 

    The police also conduct search and seizure. The search and seizure should not be unreasonable. They may be conducted by police with or without a warrant. 

7) Maintain the inquest register.

      The police is to record information in the inquest-register in case a person dies under unnatural or suspicious circumstances.

8) To assist the prosecutor-

       Beside making arrests, police must also actively assist the prosecutor to conduct prosecution of cases in law Courts. The success in prosecution largely depends on the promptness and ability which investigation is conducted by the police.

9) Identification- 

   In addition to the usual functions of protecting life and liberty of a person and criminals, the police also have to deal with special activities such as identification and laboratory technical research.

10) Control of Juvenile delinquency- 

  Since childcare is a developmental function of the welfare state, The police has an important role to play in controlling Juvenile delinquency.

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