Attempt any five questions. Question No 9 carrying 20 March is compulsory

1) Is Indian constitution Federal question?

 2) What are the aims and objectives enshrined in the preamble of Indian Constitution?

 3) Rights of Minorities under the Constitution of India

 4)  Ordinance making power of the President 

 5) What is the purpose of having a Preamble to the constitution? Is it a part of the Constitution? Explain

6) Enumerate the powers and functions of election commission as provided under the Indian Constitution.

>>>>> Election Commission

>>>>> The Functions of Election Commission?

7) Discuss the circumstances in which the there may be the proclamation of National Emergency and state consequences thereof...

>>>> National Emergency (Article 352)

>>>> Effects of Proclamation of Emergency

8) Write a brief note on...

 a) Panchayat 

b) Kinds of Bills

9) Write short note on any two -

a) Right to freedom

b) Preventive detention 

c) Doctrine of eclipse

d) Impeachment of Supreme Court judges


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