Attempt Any Five. Question No.9 is Compulsory 

Q.1) Discuss salient features of Indian Constitution. 

Q.2) Is Preamble part of the Constitution of India? Examine the values enshrined in the Preamble. Substantiate. Substantiate your answer with appropriate case laws.

Q.3) The most significant expression used in Article 12 is "Other authority". This expression is not defined in the constitution. It is the supreme court, as the apex court, defined this term. Discuss the approach of Supreme Court in defining the term "other authority"

Q.4) Panchayat under the Constitution of India

Q.5) Discuss the importance of guarantee of freedom of speech and expression in liberal democracy. examine the various facets of freedom of speech and expression as recognized by Indian Supreme Court in last 6 decades.

Q.6) "A proclamation of emergency under Article 352 affects the fundamental rights of the people very drastically".  comment critically.

>>>>> National Emergency (Article 352)

>>>>> Effects of Proclamation of Emergency Emergency

Q.7) Provisions relating to Indian Citizenship under the Constitution of India

Q.8) Discuss the composition, power and jurisdiction of Indian Supreme Court.

Q.9) Write notes on any two of the following : 

    a) Finance Commission >>>> See also >>>> Duties of the Finance Commission

    b) Citizenship

    c) Doctrine of eclipse

    d) Protection against Arrest 


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