Attempt any five questions. Question No 8 carrying 20 March is compulsory

1) Define evidence. Discuss the concept of circumstantial evidence.

>>>> Meaning and Definitions of Evidence

>>>> Circumstantial Evidence

2) Explain the admissibility of tape recording evidence as a document with the help of judicial decisions

3) Explain the order of examination provided under the Indian Evidence Act

4) What do you mean by estoppel?  discuss various kinds of estoppel

>>>>>  Meaning, Definition and Kinds of Estoppel

>>>>> The Doctrine of Estoppel Under Indian Evidence Act.

5) What is a dying declaration? Explain the reliability of dying declaration recorded by a magistrate or by a doctor and by a police officer. 

>>>> What is Dying Declaration

>>>>> Statement by a person who cannot be called as a witness (Dying declaration) | Indian Evidence Act 1872

6) Who are called experts? Discuss the value of opinion of chemical analyzer ballistic expert and handwriting expert.

>>>>> Expert Witness

>>>>> The Concept of Opinion of Expert and its Evidentiary value

>>>>> When opinions of third persons are relevant. (Expert opinion)

7) Discuss the value of extra-judicial confession

>>>> Confession and Kinds of Confession

>>>> Extra-judicial confession

Write notes on (any four)

A) Identification parade

B) Natural witness

C) Professional communications

D) Admission

E) Admissibility of electronic records

F) Relevancy of character


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