Attempt any five questions. Question No 6 carrying 20 March is compulsory

1) Define effect. Explain as to when the fact is said to be 'Proved',  'Disproved' and 'Not proved'  with the help of judicial pronouncements

>>>>> Definitions of Proved, Not Proved, Disproved, My Presume, Shall Presume and Conclusive Proof.

>>>>> Distinction / Difference between Proved, Disproved and Not Proved

>>>>> The provisions regarding Facts which need not be proved


Discuss in detail the concept of Circumstantial Evidence. 

2) What is meant by Burden of proof? Distinguish burden of Onus of proof hello. Explain burden of proof as to ownership 

>>>>> What is mean by Burden of proof? Explain the law relating Burden of proof.


Discuss the nature and scope of estoppel

3) Explain the law relating to evidence of an accomplice


Discuss the relevancy of  motive, preparation and Previous or subsequent conduct

4) Define admission.  Distinguish between admission and confession

>>>>> What is Admission and who can make Admissions under the Indian Evidence Act 1872

>>>>> Distinction / Difference between Confession and Admission


Explain the relevancy of judgment of Court as Evidence

5)  Discuss the provisions relating to impeaching credit of witness


Explain the concept of opinion of experts

6)  Write notes on (Any two)

A) Cross-examination

B) Dying declaration

C) Difference Between Estoppel and Res Judicata

D) Public Documents


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