Attempt any Five Q.No.8 is Compulsory 

1) Explain the relevancy of judgments of Court of Justice.

2) What do you mean by estoppel explain different kinds of estoppel

3) Explain burden of proving fact especially within the knowledge of a person with relevant illustrations and judicial decisions.

4) Discuss the relevancy of motive preparation and previous and subsequent conduct

5) Explain the cases in which secondary evidence relating to document may be given

6) Explain different kinds of examination of witness

7) Discuss the concepts of Primary and Secondary evidence.

>>>>> Primary Evidence

>>>>> Secondary Evidence

>>>>> Difference between Primary Evidence and Secondary Evidence 

8) Write notes on (Any four) 

a) Dumb witness

b) Proved

c) Dying declaration

d) Fact in issue

e) Expert witness

f) Prescription as to legitimacy


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